New Website Fully Armed & Operational

By Chris Wyman is now fully armed and operational! Below is a list for each section that we are very excited to share with everyone.

  1. Authentication – Here you can look up items that have our COA sticker (typically placed on the back) and view a variety of details based on the Authentication selected. We are super proud to share a ground-breaking new feature that allows you to look up each item within your account too! If you selected either “Base Camp” or “Summit” Authentication when placing your order, you will always be able to view the database entry for those specific items within your account tied directly to that same order.
  2. FAQs – Be sure to read through this section to familiarize yourself with details about Placing Your Order, Shipping Your Order, Shipping Outside of the United States, Authentication & more.
  3. Sign Up For Emails – Add your name and email address to our ever growing database so you never miss out on any important announcements or updates.
  4. My Account – Once you’ve signed up, you can login to your Account Dashboard and view all of your past orders, add or update your billing & mailing address, add or update your payment method (important for a faster checkout), and you can change the name, display name & password for your account.
  5. Signings – This section will show what signings we’ve announced and the current status for each one.
  6. About – Check out the team behind Everest Autographs and the mission statement for the company.
  7. Contact – If you have any questions at all, you can always reach us right here.
  8. Gallery – Browse through a massive amount of images from past signings all organized alphabetically by last name.
  9. Send-In Instructions & Policies – Important details about how to mail your personal items in for a signing.