Verify each and every autograph obtained by Everest Autographs through our online database of signatures.

Look Up a Certificate of Authenticity

Where's my COA number?

By default, COA stickers will always be placed on the back of each item unless otherwise requested. If you would prefer no authentication, please select that option when placing your order. Authentication must be selected at the time of your order and cannot be added once an order has been shipped after a signing. Please note: Each sticker requires a surface large and flat enough to be able to completely adhere to. Clothing and canvases are not eligible to receive a sticker as it could potentially be removed and placed on something else.

Authentication Tiers

"Base Camp" Authentication

We offer our “Base Camp” Authentication which is included with the purchase of each autograph. This means your item will receive one of our Everest Autographs hologram COA stickers and be listed in the online database of signatures with the following details:

  • Name of the signer
  • Date the item was signed
  • Type of item signed

"Summit" Authentication

You can also upgrade to our “Summit” Authentication for additional details which includes:

  • Where the item was signed
  • The theme of the item
  • Any additional writing
  • A detailed description of the item
  • A photograph of the item once signed

If you are sending in an item that could potentially have additional signatures added to it, it’s best to choose one type of authentication and stick to it each time you send that same item in. This way, the database can maintain the same details specific to that item throughout its history. In other words, if you select “Summit” Authentication for the first signature, you should always maintain that each time you place an order and send the item back in.