Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If there’s anything not answered here, please contact us.

Placing Your Order

Can I ship the order to an alternate location that’s different than my billing address?
Yes, if you enter an alternate location, that is the address that will be used when shipping your order.

Can I place my order over the phone?
No. All orders must be done via the website.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept all major credit cards as a form of payment.

Can I add more than one signing at a time in the same order?
Yes, but if you are ordering for multiple signings, it’s typically best to place separate orders for them so the shipping process is not held up after a signing has been completed. If you order two signings in the same order, and one signing is delayed, it could delay the shipping of the item that’s already completed. That said, if we are offering a cast signing with multiple names going on a single item, it makes sense to add all the names to one order.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
The charge on your credit card will appear from Everest Autographs Inc.

Can I return my order?
Send-In items are not eligible to be returned for any reason. New Pre-Ordered autographs (only non-Personalized) may be returned for a full refund minus shipping & handling fees and transaction fees within seven (7) days of receipt. Your order must be returned in mint condition just as it was received. Wholesale autographs and Personalized autographs are not eligible to be returned for any reason.

Shipping Your Order

How long after a signing is completed does it take to ship my order?
Once a signing is complete, it’s typically 15-20 days after that when orders start going out, but it could be a little more or less than that. Timing all depends on the number of orders that we receive, and what other signings might be taking place around the same time.

How long will it take to receive my order once it’s been shipped?
All orders ship from Clermont, FL and typically take between 1 to 4 days to arrive if going to an address within the United States and depending on your distance from our office. For orders being shipped outside of the United States, it can take 1 week to several weeks depending on how quickly the customs office in your country works to clear your parcel.

How will my order be packed?
We use industrial strength photo mailer boxes and poster tubes for most orders. All 8×10 to 11×17 photos are shipped flat in top loaders to avoid damage. All photos larger than 11×17 & posters are shipped rolled in a tube with padded ends so no damage occurs during transit. If you ship your own item in a package that arrives damaged, we will not reuse that same package and you may be billed for additional packaging for replacing it to ensure that your item arrives back to you undamaged.

How will my order be shipped?
All orders are shipped with a tracking number. For orders shipped within the US, we use USPS or UPS. For all international orders, we use USPS. For some countries with a higher volume of packages going missing or being stolen, we only use Priority International, which is more expensive than First Class, but it ensures that the package is in transit for less time leaving a smaller risk of something happening to it on the way to you.

How much are the shipping & handling fees?
The shipping & handling prices vary depending upon the location and the size/weight of the package. Shipping & handling starts at $14.95 in the United States. Larger items that require additional packaging, and items being sent outside of the United States will require a higher shipping fee. You can view the total shipping & handling charges prior to paying for and placing your order.

What happens if my package gets returned?
If your package is returned because you didn’t sign for it, if you didn’t monitor the tracking to ensure that the post office didn’t return it for failure to pick it up, if your package is refused due to failure to pay import fees or VAT, or if it’s returned to us for any other reason that’s not because of our mistake, additional postage will be required to reship it to you.

Shipping Outside of the United States

Do you collect import duties or Value-Added Tax (VAT)?
We do not collect or pay out any import duties or VAT, no. As an international customer, it’s the responsibility of the person receiving the package to pay any import duties or VAT. It’s best to immediately start tracking your order once shipped so you can monitor the progress to ensure that it doesn’t arrive to your country and no attempt is made by your customs office to alert you that a fee is due to continue the processing of your parcel. We do not have any control over this process or the amount that you may be charged by your customs office. If an order is returned to us because the import duties or VAT was not paid, additional postage will be due so we can reship it to you again.

Will I be charged import duties or Value-Added Tax (VAT) when my order arrives?
This varies depending on the country and the value of the package that is being shipped. Most customs offices charge something for imported items coming into the country. This is a process that we have no control over as it’s done by your local government. As required by law, we do list the full purchase price (minus shipping & handling) of your order on the customs form. Listing the full amount is also the only way to insure the package for the full value. If you choose to refuse a package because of any fees associated with its clearance through customs, additional postage will be required to ship it to you again. Postage used is non-refundable.

Is there a minimum value for orders shipping to the UK?
Because of recent changes with the way the UK customs office is now handling imported items, we are only able to ship packages to the UK with a minimum value of £135 ($180.00 USD) before shipping & handling fees. There’s a good chance that our UK customers will have to pay import fees on each package, and that is their responsibility to do so. If you would like to avoid that all together, you are welcome to have your order shipped to a friend or family member within the United States or any other country first and then make other arrangements to receive the package.

Is there a maximum value for packages being shipped outside of the United States?
Yes. We are not able to ship packages outside of the United States valued over $2,500.00 USD as that requires a special export license. If you need to place an international order and the value is over this amount, please place multiple orders so the items can be shipped out separately and not exceed the $2,500.00 USD amount. If you are purchasing a single item valued over that amount, other arrangements will need to be made prior to placing your order.


Do you include a Certificate of Authenticity with each item?
Each item receives a numbered holographic COA sticker with a QR Code that you can scan with your smartphone. Once scanned, it will take you to the database entry where you can view details of the item and who signed it. When placing your order, there are two options for authentication which affects how much or how little is shown for that item. Additionally, every order placed will be listed in your account with a direct link to the item’s database entry.

Where do you place the holographic sticker on each item?
Stickers are always placed on the back of each item unless otherwise requested. If ever a customer does not want any stickers on their item, they can make this request during checkout.


Can I visit Everest Autographs or pick up/drop off my own items in person?
We do not allow in-person transfers. Our office is private and not open to the public. All Send-In items must be shipped in for each signing and we will ship all items back out once a signing has been completed.

Where do you obtain your autographs?
These days, a large percentage of the autographs being sold both online and in person are not real. Everest Autographs acquires all signatures directly from the celebrity that has agreed to sign. We’re proud to only bring you authentic autographs obtained by us. We will never buy from another company or individual and resell to our customers. This is the only way to ensure that 100% of everything we sell is authentic. All signatures come with a life-time guarantee.

How do you decide where the item will be signed?
If no request for color or placement is made during checkout, we tag each item with our preferred placement to make it easy for the person signing. We will never ask the celebrity to sign in a dark area with a dark color, or to sign bunched up in a smaller space when there’s a larger spot available that would look better. That said, we cannot control what each person signing does with their hand or the pen, so while we can make suggestions or requests, nothing is ever guaranteed.

How can I request a signing?
While we are always happy to hear from you, our signings are carefully thought out and deliberately offered based on what we think will be popular and desired within the autograph collecting community. If your list of requests includes dozens of names that can be found at any random convention, that is likely not anyone we’ll be going after.