Send-In Instructions & Policies

Details on how to pack & where to send your personal items for a signing, and the Terms & Conditions for mailing items in.

Unless otherwise stated, all Send-In items must be shipped to:

Everest Autographs
Chris Wyman
17437 Painted Leaf Way
Clermont, FL 34714

It’s very important to follow the instructions below to ensure that your item arrives fully prepped and ready to be signed.

  1. Pack your item well. Reusing old boxes, envelopes & tubes that have been through the postal system multiple times increases the likelihood of damage occurring. If it’s a very valuable item, consider double boxing or double tubing it. If your item arrives in a damaged package, we will not reuse it, and you will be billed for additional packaging fees when it comes time to return it.
  2. The back of each item must be tagged with your order number and the full name that was used to place the order. A post-it-note is generally sufficient. Off-brand sticky notes could easily fall off, so it’s best to use Post-it brand sticky notes only (not the Super Sticky version).
  3. Each item should be labeled with clear instructions for color & placement requests. This can be a very simple post-it-note with an arrow and the color you desire. If no request is made, we will use our best judgment to have the actor sign in the best color & placement. Any purchased add-ons like Personalization, Character Name or Quotes should also be included when tagging your item.
  4. Make sure it’s safe to place a post-it-note on the front of your item. For those that print their own photos from home, oftentimes, the glue on a sticky note can ruin the finish.
  5. If you require insurance on your Send-In item, you must purchase that when you go to mail it in. We will insure each package being shipped out for the purchase amount only. If you require additional insurance to be included above what the order amount is, please email us at to discuss.
  6. If you choose to send your item in a package that’s bigger or heavier than what is standard for an item of that dimension, you will be invoiced for any additional shipping & handling fees that are required to safely return the parcel back to you.
  7. The use of any GPS trackers is strictly prohibited for all Send-In items. This is considered a security risk for both our staff and the celebrities we contract to do signings with. If a GPS tracker is discovered, it will be deactivated and discarded.


Send-In Policy:

By placing an order for a Send-In item, you are electronically agreeing to the following terms & conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse any Send-In item for any reason. This is in place for us to refuse objectionable items, or any item not included as an option to select when placing your order. If you have any questions, please email us at prior to placing your order. If you send a non-approved item, it will be returned, and only the signing fee will be refunded. Return shipping will not be refunded.

While we will always strive to accommodate any specific color or signature placement requests, we are not responsible for the wrong color or pen requested being used. Additionally, we are not responsible if the actor decides to sign in a different location than was requested.

We will not be responsible for any actor pen mishaps, smudges, feathering, etc.

We are extremely careful with all items. However, it is possible that while handling an item before, during or after it’s signed, the actor may have an issue with the pen, and/or other damage could occur, for which we will not be responsible.

We are not responsible for any damage to your item during transit to us or damage/loss during the return trip back to you.